Ground Hog Day

That’s a month off work now.  Michelle always comes up with more things that need to be done around the house, usually all the little bits of DIY things that have been needing done for a few years, things that didn’t bother me so much.  In all honesty, I know it myself, you realise how many times you have said to yourself, “I need to sort that”,  but you then realise you have really been saying that for over 4 years ! It is coming together though, bit by bit. It has become a bit “Ground Hog Day” for me all of a sudden, and so it was great to get a quick call from my ex workmate Bob while he was juggling his day, stressed as ever … but buzzing with energy. 

I suppose it’s a real unwind for me at the moment.  Times, Days etc. just seem to merge together.  But the clock is really ticking, we only have about 4 weeks left, and there is still so much to sort out.  We have to write lists to remember what to do next.  I suppose I am just enjoying this space and time, knowing, that I will definately miss the home comforts, and especially going to/and waking up in your own bed. We should be doing more to see all our friends and family now, but we’ve been a bit complacent.  Seriously, I know how much we will miss everyone. 

Anyways, last thought, hope this Volcano in Iceland takes a break in June !


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