Clock is Ticking

Well, thats been a few folk up to view the house now.  It’s really weird letting complete strangers look around your home.  It gives me a strange feeling.  I keep reminding myself that we are not selling, just renting the place out.  But still, it does feel like the end of a chapter.  It’s hard to let go, some people will be making our place “their” home for some time.  Thats just part of the reality of doing what we are doing.  It’s all just part of the process.  But it really sobers you up and you realise that it’s beginning to move really fast now.

The exciting stuff, though really makes up for all the stressful bits.  We’ve been researching all the differant countries in finer detail, and have kinda got a bit of a feel for where we are going and roughly when, but we are keeping it all loose, no definitive plan so we can keep our options open as we go along. 

I have a friend I met when working down Manchester way, Frankie Barr.  “Oirish” Francis has been all over the world.  I’ve always loved Frankie.  We always talked about our travels, and then Francis said one day “You know one thing I really love about travelling ? The Airports, Train Stations and Bus Stations”.  Frankie didn’t have to explain anymore – we both knew and we both understood, that it’s not just the destination that’s important, it’s the going there that is the major part of the Buzz of travelling – the Buzz, which makes it so addictive !

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1 Response to Clock is Ticking

  1. Maureen Lynch says:

    Hi Peeps
    hope to catch you before you go, hope you have had all the jags for the bugs your gonna come accross.
    love ya both,
    Nonu, x

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