Fingerprints of the Gods

Okay, differant reactions.  Some folk think we are mad, others think we are we are very very brave, but regardless, you have all been behind us with encouragement.  I think it’s a combination of the two polar views to be honest.  Whatever, it’s good to hear your thoughts.  It’s a step into the unknown and who knows who’s right ?  You sometimes need to jump in the deep end.  I suppose we are hoping to be good swimmers.

This journey, really started in 1995.  A book was published by Graham Hancock.  The title of this post says it all.  Never being wholly religious, there were things in this book challenging the historical facts, and pulling the whole of ancient history together, the pyramids, the sphinx, the temples in asia, and of course Machu Picchu in Peru.

Read about Graham Hancock here, the book is a very good read.

PS. I’ve had to buy it again as I gave my latest copy to Jimmy from Philly last year – I bet he hasn’t read the 1st page !

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4 Responses to Fingerprints of the Gods

  1. Lorrain Ness says:

    Hi Pete and Michelle, go for it im so jealous, life is for leaving xx
    p.s Will miss you Michelle x

    • Hi Lor, we have landed, sharing a flat with Stacey, Mark and her flatmates – hit the town last night, so far so good, but we are stuck in at the mo waiting on our missing luggage arriving from the airport 😦

      Take care and say Hi to the gang.

      Michelle xx.

  2. Leigh Campbell says:

    Cool blog M+P- Mary sent me the link after I asked if you both would be joining facebook. This is a great way to log it all so I am looking forward to any pictures and vicariously joining your travels. Brave-yes!, mad-yes! but also life is short so hope you have loads of fun and frolics and am I jealous of your bravery?-definitely! xx

    • Hi Leigh, thanks for the kind words xx. We have already met Siobhan and Hubbie in Sydney – very short hook up, but we plan to see them in the next week or so before we hit Asia.

      Pete & Michelle xx.

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