Destination OZ !!

It has finally arrived !  Yip, we can sit and chill, and relax a bit for the moment, because this time tommorrow, we will be at least 2 hours into our flight to Sydney via Singapore.  Bags are packed and we are set for the go !  Michelles bagpack weighs in at 25 kilos – thats Parachute Regiment Bergen territory, she will get a red beret for this, all she needs is a rifle and she’ll be off for parachute training to become a fully qualified Para.  She looks like a Bagpack with legs !!  In fairness, most of this is Staceys request to bring over a few items ie. half her wardrobe ! – so everything but the George Formby Grill is in Michelles Luggage !!  The Plane won’t get off the tarmac – set phasers for Malky …

For those that were asking – the plan is to get straight to Australia for 2-3 months before starting on the Asian part.  It will be great to see Stacey and Marcus in Oz and all be together again.  Stace has organised breakfast on Sunday, we arrive at 6am, and seemingly the beer and wine has been chilling all week – and will be served at breakfast !! 

It has been party central for the last few weekends, we had a great night with Mike and Mary 2 weeks ago, our great pals that have taken time off work to take us to the airport, and they have been so good helping out over the past few weeks.  That will be quite an emotional goodbye.  Equally, last weekend was brilliant, thanks to all who came out and partied, you are all great friends, and you know how much we think of you all.  I still snigger and giggle thinking about Callum polishing off those Strongbows ( Dont tell yer mum C !!! 😉 and especially good watching USA score the equaliser to get the night on the right footing ha ha !! – ABE ! 

So its OZ, then Asia, and the rough plan is to do Indonesia September, China October, Malaysia will be a hub for us with cheap flights via AirAsia and Tiger Airways, so we will be there frequently, November to February will be Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, with the Phillipines waiting for us thereafter.  We are considering India, Micronesia and Mynamar, but we are keeping it all open. 

Stacey and Marcus are meeting us at Christmas time where ever we are at that time, and with Dad retiring November, hopefully we can get him across – get yer Bagpack on WeePETE 🙂

But !

The plan is …

There is NO plan !

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2 Responses to Destination OZ !!

  1. Hi peeps,
    beautiful sunny day here in Dundee.
    No doubt your party has started, hope you travel arrangements went smoothly.
    Hugs to Stacey from me.
    love you all
    Nonu. x

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