G’Day Possums !

We have landed safely, after what actually turned out to be a not so bad flight.  We were both dreading 24 hours in a plane, but we actually enjoyed it.   Chilling out with a few beers and the odd G&T, there were plenty of films to watch and the seats were really quite comfortable.  We watched Avatar and Brothers together, which were actually really good movies.  The food served was Chicken Shezuan noodles and later, Thai yellow curry with sticky rice which were both ace ! 

We arrived at Sydney Airport to a tannoy announcement for passengers Carlin & Collins to make their way to the customs desk – Oh F**k, what have we done ?  With great relief, we hadn’t been caught smuggling more than the legal allowance of duty free – but were informed our bagpacks were still in London !  I think they have had to charter a special plane for Michelles bagpack due to the weight of the thing !!  They arrive later today, which is a blessing as we have no other gear other than the garb we travelled in.

So whatever, with no heavy bagpacks to carry, we made our way to meet Stacey and Mark, and had that fry up with a few beers/vinos – and were all in our beds only 3 hours later completely zonked !

We got up later and headed into town, it was 5pm local time, we hadn’t changed our watches yet, so realised we were having a beer on the streets of downtown Sydney at 8am our time. 😮

From what we’ve seen so far, Sydney is absolutely amazing.  Tall floodlit Skyscrapers, streets full of bars and eateries, and it was absolutely buzzing and teaming with people on a Sunday night. 

We met all Mark and Staceys mates.  It was great hearing all the stories about how long they had been travelling, why they decided to do it, where they had been and all the funny stories they had to tell.  It was a great night with some great people.

We think we are gonna like this ! 

Will post up some pics later.

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4 Responses to G’Day Possums !

  1. mary says:

    Knew you guys’d love it!!!!!!
    Sounds fab!!
    Assume guitar made it in one piece 😉
    Hi to Stace & Mark – will send you proper email soon (not that I’ll have anything as remotely exciting as your lives just now, to report!!!)
    Missing you both
    -Mary xxx

  2. Lesley says:

    Sounds good so far. Have trouble believing you are actually there though, might haver a wee trip past chez robson street to make sure you are gone. Dad starting to bore me already with ” Well, I wonder what they are doing now?” To which Pete replies ” gettin pished?” and so it goes on. Wish you were here?

    Big kiss to Stace and Mark, keep in touch.xxx

    • Ha Ha ! Not at these prices 😦 !! It’s been a pretty chilled out week, and its Winter here so the weather has been a bit like our August/September. Not Cold, but it’s like the nights are drawing in, its been torrential some afternoons, and it gets dark around 6’ish. We havn’t done that much to be honest, just getting our bearings and of course trying to get in the sleep pattern – we are knacked when everyone else is buzzing, and wide awake when everyones crashing – whats new ? ha ha !! Hope to get some pics up at w/e when we get all the IT sorted.

      Oh Yeh ! Guitar made it all the way Mrs Berry 😉

  3. Glad to hear you are settled, hope you got your gear back too.
    Thats about a fortnight, is it not about time you got a job? LOL

    love and miss you all

    Maureen x

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