Are You Irish ?

Yeh, this is just into our third week here and everyone thinks we’re Irish :-). Not surprising, there seems to be more of them here than there is in the Emerald Isle, the place is hoaching with them -MAGIC ! as the pubs are mobbed at weekends with the ole Craic ! 

Have to be honest and say the weather here has been miserable for most of the time.  Feels like we just got through Winter back home, and we’ve been time warped back again, it gets dark at 6pm !! and although the Ozzies seem to complain about the cold, it really has been quite mild.  We have had the odd few days of sunshine, but it’s more like a late Spring back home rather then the Med.

It’s been good fun though, we have been down to Sydney Harbour and the Botanical Gardens down by the front, everyone seems to chill out in the sunshine.  The Opera House was something else, weird, the roof is tiled, creme coloured tiles, we always thought it was a metal roof ?  The Harbour Bridge is pretty stunning, with the harbour itself full of trendy bars/eateries where yo can sit and chill taking in the view.  We have left that to the Yuppies though – it’s about $9 for a wee beer … see yahs !  🙂

Most of the partying has been on Sundays – the “Sunday Sesh” as they call it here, and most of the pubs do cheap Sunday Roasts/Steak dinners, and the beer is served cold in large jugs at happy hour prices – YeeHarr !! – and it feels like a Friday or Saturday night back home. It depends on the mood of the campers here as to where the party starts, there are little districts around Sydney, which are like large villages to us, Randwick, Coogee, Bondi, Newtown and the Rocks.  These are teaming with pubs and eateries – Thai, Lebanese, Indian, Turkish etc.  and you can take your own carry-out in with you so its pretty reasonable to eat out.  We’ve also been to Chinatown, lets just say its very authentic, we are usually adventurous, but don’t think we are quite ready for fried chicken feet just yet ! Complete with toenails btw – no kidding ! 😦 

You really need to be careful with your dosh here though, everything seems so expensive, unless your streetwise like the kids and know where to hunt out the deals.  Even at that, you can easily burn some serious money on basic things like shampoo, bread, and books !  We were in a Waterstones type place and all books you could get back home for less than a tenner were selling for about 25 quid !  We had to laugh when we went to a 2nd hand bookshop, and they were selling tatty books for more than the cost of a new book back home – the exchange rate has something to do with it obviously, but not that much – so look out Ebay, here we come !

Anyways, we realised that T in the Park is this week coming, hope we get some coverage over here, but doubt it, so to all that are going – have a great time, ya lucky gits !! 😦  

Hope you all get sunburn 🙂  !! xXx.

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4 Responses to Are You Irish ?

  1. Jackie Inglis says:

    Hi Pete and Michelle,
    Glad to see that you are enjoying your time in Oz, especially Sundays?
    T in the park time again. so we are leaving early this morning so we can get the tent set up before the rain comes on. Typical T in the park weather. Was at Brens last night and we were speaking about the first time that we were at T in the park together. ” Who’s that coming over the hill…………is it a monster?”
    Will let you know how good this years T in the park is.
    Keep enjoying Oz and your time with Stacey

    Love Jackie and Bren xxx

    • Hi Girls, think that was our best T ever – we still think and talk about it too …
      you can’t plan a gig like that … and when anyone asks who was playing that weekend after telling them how great it was … we get stumped, and just say it was the Jake, Bren and girl with milk bottle legs T. XXx 😉

      A Classic !

      Sorry you got a cold one this year, but as you know, only the part-timers gives a fook about the weather 🙂

      And you know …

      We Don’t Give a Fuck About Anybody Else – Super Furry Animals
      (c) 1996


  2. Hi folks you are not missing any good weather this weekend, its cauld and wet as they say in Dundee. Ryans at T and Calum,s only got 364 sleeps till the next one.haha
    Take care have fun,
    Nonou, x

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