Homeless !

Sydney is a big cosmopolitan city, no doubt about it.  There is such a buzz about these big cities, and surprisingly, this just feels like another big european capital, and we’ve really taken to the place. 

We are definately in the Southern Hempisphere though, Ethnic Malay, Thai, Indo and Chinese people are a major part of the make up here, and the influence is heavy.  You really do know that you are on the other side of the world, but have to keep on reminding yourself. 

I get a great laugh watching asian tourists in Irish Bars – they order a Guinness and traditional meal, say Steak Pie and Chips, they just seem bemused eating this stuff, and it’s hilarious watching a guy having to get his food cut into mouthsized portions by his girlfriend – they find knives and forks as hard to use as we find chopsticks, and watching them taste the black stuff is equally as funny – the look of disbelief on their faces tells you what they are thinking – do we actually drink this thick tarry liquid ?  … and enjoy it ??  Course we do !!

Guinness is Good for You 🙂

Homeless ?  Well not quite, but Stacey and Mark’s lease on the flat finished last Tuesday, we were partying the night before, and had to have the flat vacated and spotless by 10am next morning.  I can let you know that was a sore one for all involved 🙂 Getting another flat has been a bit difficult, more so than we thought, a long drawn out process.  Flat hunting ? Exciting to have the freedom to just move somewhere else, but what a drag it has become, and as usual, the good ones go fast, and we have really seen some absolute dumps.  The thing is though, there is no rush, chill, it will sort itself out.

So, we have been staying in a hotel for the past 2 weeks, the Sydney Metro Hotel – its normally about $300 dollars a night, but we have secured a deal for $90, which is about what 60 quid ?  There are 2 double beds in the room so we are sharing with Mark and Stace, so thats working out 30 quid a couple – bargain ! and the view from our window on the 11th floor is absolutely amazing.  We have a large picture window with views across the city.  We all feel like Rock n Roll stars staying here, honestly, I think the hotel staff think that we are, and we are right slap bang in the middle of the City action !!

The Metro is a stones throw from Chinatown, in fact, right in the heart of the City, and the place is just buzzing with energy.  Shopping Malls are mobbed until midnight, 24/7 eateries are open with every thing imaginable, people shopping, people drinking and laughing, and it’s really good to people watch, wondering what all these people do for a living. 

When the kidz are working, me and M have been doing the tourist things.  The weather has been great for the past 2 weeks, so we have been taking long walks to differant areas.  We have walked across the famous Harbour Bridge, stopped off at places like Glebe, Newtown and the Rocks for the markets.  These little suburbs have markets which sell everything from cool handmade T Shirts, vintage clothing, cheap authentic leather goods, 2nd hand books and CD’s and lots of art and craftwork. The foodstands are equally fantastic – $5 for 8 Chinese dumplings ( as good if not better than Manchester – we miss Mancland ), Thai noodles (Pad Thai), etc. or Turkish Cozleme.

Now,  Turkish Cozleme.  Imagine a thin, square, light and fluffy Nan Bread, spoon and spread lightly, a spicy meat chilli bolognese across the top, sprinkle with freshly chopped spinach and soft ricotta cheese, fold over, grill on high heat for 5 minutes to chargrill, scorch and seal the bread.  Slice into manageable portions – and consume.  Sounds awful ? You are misgiven, and seriously losing out on, for us, this decades taste sensation !  Addictive stuff 🙂

There are large fish markets down by the harbour, we came across them by accident really.  I’m not seafood lover, but regardless it was fascinating stuff and M looked like she had discovered Aladdins cave.  Seriously, the fish here must be on steroids.  The Kingprawns were the size of Lobsters, and the Lobsters were the size of small dogs, various multi coloured fish for sale, raw or cooked, and as usual the whole place teaming with Chinese, Thai and Malay etc. sitting in large family parties and scoffing and feasting on the freshest huge portions of Birdseye Fishfingers ???

Only Kidding ! 😉

Anyways, hopefully we will have a new hoose this weekend – once we are in and settled, we can get more pics up. 

Also, the clock is ticking, we need to orgnise our Indonesian and Chinese Visa’s – this is steadily dawning on us that we will soon be leaving the comfort zone.

We have had a ball with Mark and Stacey, and all their mates over here.  They are young, with not a care in the world.

I think we both feel liberated.

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4 Responses to Homeless !

  1. G,day maties,
    maybe you should get the guitars out and start singing, you never know i heard Simon Cowell was in town.
    If your really really stuck you could all head down to Melbourne and Andy,s sister might put you up for a few nights.Lol.
    Can tell your still enjoying the adventure.
    Love you all loads
    Maureen xo

  2. Graeme says:

    Hullo kids. Sorry to have missed your farewell but glad to see things working out (you actually did it!). Anyway, yer bookmarked now so I can keep tabs on you….take care, graeme x

  3. rob dillon says:

    Hey guys!, seems you are enjoying “life on the road” and fair play to ye. Weather has been a bit hot and sticky in Paree but has now cooled off, but you’ll both soon be heading into “the steamie”……..how will gingers go in the Land of the Rising Sun? Sorry I forgot? Pete’s a strawberry blonde 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the pics when you post them.
    We’re going to this thing later in the month http://www.rockenseine.com/en/lineup/ and might take a trip to the Fringe, but I have to admit more than a bit of jealousy when I look at your itinerary.
    Anyway, good to see things are going well, so take care – especially from flying milkshakes 🙂 – and keep us posted.


  4. Lesley says:

    Ha more like peroxide blonde or are you au naturale again?? All sounds fab, defo a book in here somewhere.xx

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