Oz to Asia

The mother of all Man Flu’s has knocked me for six all last week, but luckily Michelle seems to have avoided the lurgy.  Stacey though, unfortunately has been landed a heavy dose, and like me has been bedded for almost a week.  This didn’t affect out last week in Oz thankfully.  We had a great time with Siobhan and James up in Bowral and were well looked after.  We had to listen to countless accounts and analysis of the wedding from our arrival to departure, but at least we won’t see Siobhan for at least another 6-8 months 🙂  Sorry, did I just say that out loud ?  Only kidding Siobhan, we had a ball and the Craic was great fun.  I never knew Siobhan was such a good dancer – must have been the 3 bottles of wine or something.

For our last weekend in Sydney, we painted the town red with Stacey, Mark and all the gang.  We had a great night, one of those unplanned, unexpected classics.  We were wandering through the streets of Newtown at 10.30pm when we stumbled across a street party.  Not sure if this was legal or not, but a DJ had just set up some decks and speakers, and it seemed half of Sydney were getting down to boogey to some old skool classics in the middle of the street.  We joined in and had a great old night.  Mother of all hangovers on the Sunday, and then the sudden realisation that the Man Flu was beckoning.  What a week, and I’m now on antibiotics to try to clear a nose and throat infection.  The plus side is that I was advised to have plenty of rest, and take lots of liquid.  Are you kidding Doc ? No Problem !

Playing catch up here then, while we neck cocktails in 30+ degree sunshine on our balcony of the executive honeymoon suite of the Blue Diamond Excelsior Hotel in Panang.  Jealous ?

Yeh, so are we.  This is Asia on a shoestring budget, backpacker stylee.  The room hasn’t been painted since 1932, there is only cold running water, there is no air conditioning or bed linen, just a dirty old fan that’s seen better days, and a thin mattress on an old rickety bed.  Still, for £7/night, what more could we expect 🙂 

We arrived in Malaysia last Thursday, via an 8 hour Air Asia flight – the flight attendants really are the most beautiful ladyboys we have ever seen. 🙂 Kuala Lumper has a fascinating mix of people’s, but seems to have a huge indian influence.  We stayed in the Swiss Hotel for the 1st night, about £25, but had to bite the bullet and try out the backpackers hostel next door for £9/night for a double prison cell, sorry, room with en suite ( bog, wash basin and shower all squeezed into a postage stamp sized room ).  We expect the accomodation to be very basic and really bad at times, so we decided we were getting accustomed to our new lifestyle.

So, it’s all good, and it’s the only way to really meet people, and as a result, we have a new travel companion.  On the roof terrace of the backpackers hotel, over a few beers, we became aware of a distinctly familiar Scottish voice, and had a great laugh with one Lyndon Bruce – from Dundee !!  Lyndon had just got into KL that night too, and is doing a 3 month backpacker stint.  We bumped into Lyndon again next morning, and so he joined us that day as we negotiated the city transport system, and took in the city sights etc.  Just so happens that the man was planning on Panang prior to hopping over to Indonesia – which was exactly our plan, so we have kinda adopted him for the time being while we hone up his “caird” playing skills.

So after 4 nights in KL, we have taken an overnight train, 1st class, well at least 1970’s style 1st class – cost £12, all the way to Panang Island on the NW coast of Malaysia.  This also saved getting a room for the night so there is a method in our madness, although wandering through the streets at 5.30am to find accommodation was a bit surreal.  We found somewhere after a half hour walk into town, and after only 2-3 hours sleep on the train, decided that a few beers for breakfast were in order.  Luckily the bar is open 24/7, so ice cold Calsberg was poured at exactly 7am just as the Sun was coming up and the temperature noticeably rising degree by degree.  The food here is meant to be out of this world, so we will making our way out later today after a few hours sleep, for some top cuisine.  Beer has been around £1-2 pint, food under £1.50 for a full restaurant meal.  It gets cheaper in Indonesia, we fly there on Wednesday morning, so we’ll be packing in the sites here over the next day or 2, although we already have tons of pics to upload.

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3 Responses to Oz to Asia

  1. Jo says:

    Sounds like you are having an amazing time … its a trip most people just wouldn’t have the guts to do, including me …. although if I was guaranteed 5 star luxury I would give it a bash for sure.

    Got a twinge of longing when I read about you playing ‘cairds’ I haven’t cheated at ‘cairds’ since before you left …. I miss it and of course you two xx Keep safe x

    • Hi sweetie, miss you too…. Having a ball but got bed bugs in last hostel so that was a bit nasty…. Not quite the Sheridan standard. Teaching the locals Switch….Dundee rules..

      Michelle. xx

      • Jo says:

        Glasgow rules are better my love!!! Can’t wait to read your next adventure and remember keep safe, sleep tight and where possible don’t let the bed bugs bite, in fact just tell Pete not to take you to a flea pit. We were thinking about you guys at the weekend, The Mighty Minds were playing in Paris, out of principle we didn’t go Haaaaaaaaaa

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