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Bukit Lawang Jungle Trek

Malaysia & Indonesia Photos in Photo Album. After 5 peaceful and relaxed days on TukTuk, we awoke on Thursday morning at 6am to the sound of screaming, screeching kids and women.  It was really confusing, but half awake and completely disorientated, I … Continue reading

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Let’s Get out of Medan !

The flight from Malaysia to Indonesia was pretty stress free. We had partied hard the night before on our last night on Penang, so we were a bit rough next morning, but Lyndon knocked on our door and told us it … Continue reading

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We arrived today.  Folks, we are in serious traveller territory now.  The room cost us £3.  I can just imagine Josy, Mary and Lesley taking one look at the room, and needing a flight home.  We are adjusting, but this is the serious … Continue reading

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