We arrived today.  Folks, we are in serious traveller territory now.  The room cost us £3.  I can just imagine Josy, Mary and Lesley taking one look at the room, and needing a flight home.  We are adjusting, but this is the serious stuff now.  We took a taxi from the airport, stopped at the first set of traffic lights, and almost jumped out our skin as children appeared at our windows.  They were begging for money. The most beautiful little girl, I would say about 6 years old, stared at me through the taxi window while she strummed a little guitar and sang a song, on the main road in busy rush hour traffic.  You could see it in her eyes, the sweetest little voice, strumming a battered old toy guitar, but the eyes told the whole story.  I think we were all shocked and stunned, feeling slightly embarrassed and ashamed, it was so humbling, a $ is a huge sum of money for these people.

So that was really our first taste of the culture shock.  We thought we were prepared for this, but when it eventually hits – it really hits you hard.

Well it’s only our first night here, so can post more later, but can let you know, these people are the most friendliest, deep down genuine lovely people.  We have just cracked a deal to take us to Lake Toba in the morning.  Medan is a shanty town metropolis.  We would need some time to adjust to this.  The houses are made of breeze block and rusty corrugated iron.  You would never come here for a holiday, this is travelling.

Penang in Malaysia however, was outstanding.  I mean absolutely outstanding.  If Dad is reading this, look out Ann Murray’s “Danny’s Song”.  It has become our anthem Dad.  We spent 6 days at the Blue Diamond Hotel.  The Hotel owner loves Western Music, they all do – they seem to love Neil Sedaka, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, Billy Joe Spears etc.  I became Mr Pete, and when they found out I could play guitar and sing, they had me up every night.  But Ann Murrays song was the one where we dueted every night.

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We visited the local temple which was breathtaking.  I’ll try and get the photo’s up, you will be blown away, just as we were.  But the best day was the beach at Farangi.  Linden and me just decided to strip off and hit the greeny blue ocean, it was warm, the sea was warm, it was just a fantastic chill out day on the closest we have been to a desert island.

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9 Responses to Indonesia

  1. Cheryl fitzpatrick (Clinton) says:

    Hi peter and michelle Couldnt read this without leaving a comment….saw the link on marie’s fb. You two have never failed to amaze me in the last 20 odd years and you still do….pete you should take up novel writing…..all sounds absolutely fab…..backpacking not my scene but this does sound like once in a lifetime opportunities …..take care and enjoy love cheryl xx

  2. Graeme says:

    Hi Pete and Michelle. Glad to see it’s all going well and am enjoying your bulletins. Keep applying the factor 50 and look after yerselves….
    Graeme x

  3. Siobhan Newman says:

    Hi folks
    Sooooo jealous of your Asian adventures! James keeps threatening to leave me in Hong Kong and join you guys! Seriously, sounds like you are having a great time and seeing all sides to life and culture that Asia has to offer. Keep the entertaining posts coming and photos too. Glad you enjoyed your time with us and dancing…what dancing?? Who me? When? Never!
    Miss you both
    Siobhan 🙂 xx

    • In Indonesia now…. Wow… Plan to got to Bukit Lawang in Sumatra where we can see orangutuans in their natural habitat…. I know it’s something you would love to do. Means I need to do some jungle trekking…. Will let you know how it goes hen… Ditch the job and come and meet up…..

      Michelle. xx

  4. Sheila says:

    Hi Pete and Michelle, just checking where you are are, looks like one long holiday, sun, beach and beer. You both look great and seem to be having the time of your lives. Thinking of you both. Sheila

  5. SHITANSH says:

    Hi, I been here and missing you today, wish best of luck ………….
    Thanks for your time

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