Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Warm, sunny and with lots and lots of sand and sea, yes, we were at the beach! Sihanoukville is a little port town on the South West coast of Cambodia, and there are about four or five popular beaches.

Serendipity Beach seems to be the most popular, and it is a nice little area with bars and restaurants lining the shore and also in the alleys leading away from the beach.

It was quite nice and not too busy, and we mainly relaxed for a few days – well, there was not much else to do! We got bored quite quickly, and after a few days, made our way to Otres Beach about a mile further down. We actually walked along the beach with our backpacks on, just taking our time, and it was so gorgeous, as well as getting away from the touristy area.

Otres had held a particular lure in that I had to get Ritchie’s Bar and meet these mad Scot’s that Denis had told me about in Bangkok. As we walked along the beach from Serendipity to Otres, we were both feeling the heat, with sweat pouring down my face and Michelle looking extremely rosy. We stopped at a shady rocky outcrop, the place that actually separates the two beaches, and had to sit for half an hour just trying to cool down.

The walk from here along to Otres was only about 10 minutes or so, and you could see straight away that this was a much quieter with a strip of about ten bars and very little in the way of tourists. The bars are all quite ramshackle, yet quirky, and we both kind of liked the place. We stayed at MienMien which is a new build block of single storey chalet type cottages, thatched roofs and absolutely immaculate decor, and with spotlessly fresh bedding and bathrooms. It just so happened the block was almost directly behind Ritchie’s Bar, so it was time to cool down properly and grab a beer. There were little thatched huts that were right on the beach, and it was really quite laid backed and chilled !

Ritchie seemed to be busy and out of town, but his brother and best mates were all left to run the bar while he was away. We met Nick, his brother, Phil the cousin, and Glynn from Wales – the adopted Scot! It was strange hearing a Scot’s accent for the first time in months, but what a welcome we were getting. The family are from the West Coast and full of banter, it was party central and very friendly. What is so funny is that here in Cambodia, there are none of those rules that prevent bar staff from having a wee tipple while on duty, and they can imbibe any substance they care for, if you get my drift. 😉 So not our thing, but very funny watching 3 Blokes cramped behind a small beach bar, and each having to help one another remember what day it was, what year it was, what the last drink ordered was, where the bill was for table 7, trying to count up the bill for table 7, and trying to figure out if they had stocked up that day – or was it the day before? It was really funny and we stayed for a few days getting to know the gang. I doubt however if they will remember us – it took the three of them about twenty minutes to remember after great debate, the ingredients of a Mojito – and they are pouring them 24/7 🙂

Michelle and I can do a few days of the beach stuff, but it’s not really our thing. It’s nice having a beer and a cocktail in the heat, with a lapping turquoise blue ocean, especially when the sun goes down and you can watch a bright red ball disappear into the sea.

It all maybe sounds good, and it is for a wee while, but boredom soon takes over. So it was time to find somewhere else to go. We had a look at our trusted “Book of Brilliant Things” – The Lonely Planet …

Fancy Kampot?

OK – Why not?

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