Hanoi, Vietnam

Actually, we are in Halong City having arrived earlier today on a 3 hour bus journey from Hanoi. We spent about 4 or 5 nights in Hanoi.

We have just booked flights to Bangkok in Thailand for tommorrow night, we need to get out of this godforsaken place. Vietnam sucks. It is just a bloody nightmare and it is fucking freezing.

Will post about Hanoi and Halong in a few days when we get to Bangkok, but if you want to read about our trip so far, scroll down to Dalat and work up the way. I should be posting as we go, but we keep getting side tracked, and the posts always go latest first. So it will make more sense if you read from Dalat then upwards if you get me.

We are still happy, missing everyone, but happy. Although, it has dawned on us we have now been travelling for 9 months. Although missing everyone, this has just gone so quickly, and I’m not sure if we want this to end at this stage – there just seems so many things to see. We have to do Laos, Thailand, and China, and we have not even touched the East Coast of Malaysia, and the bits in between there and the Phillipines. We are also discussing Nepal, Tibet and India.

This bug is insane. I saw a Lonely Planet for “South America on a Shoestring” today …. you would be surprised how little money you need to do this. I think my Dad spent more on a 2 week vacation than I need for 4 months – and he doesn’t drink or smoke !!!

We need to get back in the sunshine for now …. the past 2 to 3 weeks have really been challenging.

It could never always be Utopia.

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