Back to Asia

We leave on the 11th August, with a few days in London before flying out on the 13th to Bangkok. Time to pick up from where we left off, and it feels like we are going home. North and East Thailand, then into Laos for a month travelling North to South to cross back into Thailand again, or maybe South to North, then over the border to China. The Plan is … there is No plan.

New Sandles – Check !

New T shirts – Check !

New Shorts   – Check !

Wonder if we will bump into some old travelling aquaintences from the past … 1st stop, Mama’s Place, Apple Guest House, Bangkok. I left a pair of sandles there nearly 3 months ago, and bet they are still at the entrance under the stairs. 🙂

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1 Response to Back to Asia

  1. Lyndon Bruce says:

    Glad to see the plans are back on track. I’ve now got work until next March so i won’t be having a little travel this year…..booo. Next year though….Sept time….maybe you’ll still be out there and we can meet up again! See you in London before you go. Bet you can’t wai to get outta Dodge!


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