Return to the Land of Smiles

Well we have landed in Bangkok, and the whole place feels so familiar, but we were really a bit flat for the first hour or so. Maybe just the jet lag, maybe just the fact we have had such a good time here in the past and knowing that none of the friends and acquaintances we had met on our journey will not be here this time. Maybe, we are just feeling a wee bit homesick having had such a great time back home with all our friends and family.

The place is a bit more chilled out here this time, and not so busy, but that’s really a good thing – although it’s the wet season, and it is continually blasting down from the heavens. Exceptionally hot, humid and sticky, almost unbearable. I think we need time to plan how to go, as reading the Bangkok Post, there has been extreme flooding up North, and some casualties as a result. No need to put yourself at risk, so time to do some homework. The backpacks are extremely heavy this time, with additional clothes and kit for final destination. But we always travel lite, so the backpacks will be offloaded for a month in storage, and we just need a small pack for Michelle with minimal kit so we can travel easily over the next month or so.

Sorry we missed a lot of folk back home. It’s understandable that people have their own commitments with work and organised weekends etc. We thought we had so much time, but the last few weeks were a bit like ground rush – everything just seemed to go so quickly.

Just as we landed at BKK International, and switched the mobiles on, I had a text from Chic suggesting a few pints in the ‘Maidens to watch the match. My heart sank, and I was desperately wishing to be home for that.

On leaving Dundee, Mary was going back to Dublin and was on the same train as us in the morning for her Edinburgh flight. As usual, she was chatting away and telling little funny stories, and it was really nice to sit with one of our best mates as she lifted the mood while Dundee and the River Tay slowly disappeared and we entered Fife. A view, for as long as I can remember, that we have always loved – but more especially when coming home.

London was great fun meeting up with Lyndon and Lisa. We had a great night out on the Thursday, and Lyndon had such a good time, he decided to postpone his journey back to Glasgow, and spend the Friday with us also. It was a real thrill to have the old team back together again and reminisce about some stories. Lisa was looking really great, and Lyndon looked like … Grizzly Adams with hair all over the place, and huge beardy chin. Cool Fooker 😉

Anne Colvin met up with us on the Saturday afternoon prior to the flight. It was quite emotional for both Michelle and myself. We have known each other for almost 30 years, and nothing really changes. Anne looked exactly how I remember her at School when she used to fancy me 😉 She has even dyed her hair “GINGER!!”. You can’t kid a kidder Annie XX.

The flights were with Air India this time, and a good old curry was on the menu. Hilarious in that all the carpets and seat upholstery were like and Indian restaurant, and all that was missing was the red flock wallpaper. The curry’s were delicious, but we landed in Bangkok, and almost instantly had a bit of Delhi Belly.

Dr Sharma was on the flight with us. Now we had to tell him that we have a friend back home, Rosie Sharma, and I wondered if they might be in some way related. He was Hindustani, and so is Rosie. He looked Indian, and so does Rosie. Hindustani’s don’t drink alcohol, but he liked a beer, and Rosie likes Gin and Tonic. I think he was kinda liking our Hindu punkrocker friend. He was vegetarian, as most Hindu’s are, and specifically do not eat cow, but I mentioned Rosie likes beef tacos and roast beef and gravy … and Dr Sharma was horrified.

Only kidding, but his face was a picture, and it was a nice wee wind up!

On arriving at Mama’s, we dumped the bags, and noticed my sandles were still in the same position as I had left them 3 months ago. We headed out for a couple of beers, hit the sack early, and slept solid – wait for it … for the best part of 18 hours. We were astounded, and still felt tired when we eventually got up.

We are heading North to Ayatthaya tomorrow, founded 1350 and the ancient 2nd capital of Siam.

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6 Responses to Return to the Land of Smiles

  1. Great to have these posts back but sad because this means you two have left us again.
    Happy travels folks and who knows James and I might get out there next year.
    Take care
    Siobhan 🙂 xx

    • Sorry we didn’t get a chance to see you both before we left. In Kanchanaburi, Thailand, right now and plan to head to Loas next few days. Hope James is coping with the BIG 40!! You both take care and keep in touch.
      Mx Px

  2. Mary Robertson says:

    Hi Commander Peter + Michelle, just read your post there, sounds like the best adventure you are both having!! Be great to hear all about your travels! All the family had a fabby time with your good-selves. So good to see you both, I spoke to Stacey on facebook a couple of days ago and will make sure we see her before she heads back to Oz. I’m going to Dexters on sat to see a Nirvana tribute band and oor Stace was saying she goes there so I may see her saturday, she’s brilliant, just full of fun. So I’m looking forward to seeing her again soon. One of Megan and Adeles dreams came true yesterday. They went through to see Steve O from Jackass’s show yesterday in Edinburgh at The Fringe. Well they have loved Jackass since they were wee. Adeles got all the books and dvds, couple of wee maddies. Well Adele text me last on. She was beaming telling me how she had a ‘ full blown convo’ with Stevo O he signed her book and he took a few photos with them. True to his word he posted them on his website last night and they are brilliant photos. I shall email them to you!! Bless their hearts, they are over the moon. I shall speak to you soon. Love to you both, enjoy your travels, Love Mary xxx

    • Great to hear from you Mary,
      Sounds like the girls had a ball in Edin.
      Stace will be dead chuffed you are meeting up and we’re glad Stace is back in touch with her big cousins.
      Big hugs to the girls from us.
      Take care Marydoll. Mx Px

  3. Jo says:

    Read and remembered!!!!! Oh how I miss you both, let us know where you are Oct/Nov, have backpack may travel – take care y’all xx

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