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  1. Lorrain Ness says:

    Envy you both, will watch with wonder,enjoy yourselves

  2. patricia sharma says:

    good on you living your dream. All the very best from Kenny and I keep us posted and enjoy I would love to meet you in India. xxx

  3. meera sharma says:

    sounds fantastic!…hope you both have a fantastic time and tell stacey i was askin for her!
    safe journeys!
    meera xxx

  4. Sheila says:

    Hi Pete and Michelle,
    You made it! I bet you have been partying hard since you landed.
    Sidney is supposed to be amazing, full of nice bars and restaurants, you will have to fed yourselves up before you head off to Asia and make the most of the home comforts as you really will be roughing.
    Post some photos ! Love to you both. Sheila

    David wishes you all the best and hopes to have a few beers with his mate soon.

    • Nice to hear from Liverpool – Let Me See Your Hands !!

      Yeh, its pretty amazing, but we should have come in September when the weather is starting to get better 😦

      Pics coming soon, once I get my head around loading a gallery !

      Jim and Mandy Kerr πŸ™‚

  5. meera sharma says:

    Hi Michelle, Hope you are all well. Thought about you several times. The weather here has been fine but no doubt it will rain for dundee fortnight. Dave retired now its hard to believe and I spoke to him today he is fine. Says he feels like he is on holiday Do you have a personal email that I can keep in touch. xxx take care Pat.

    • Hi Pat,

      Have sent you a wee email to your work address. No dodgey pics!! I promise. Good to hear about Dave. Pete is going to be adding some pics to website…Most I have to say are probably in a pub setting. Surprise, Surprise!!

  6. Siobhan Newman says:

    Well folks, Bowral isn’t quite the same without you!
    What a top weekend we had with you both. Very chilled, with good Scottish banter, and a few glasses of Australian wine thrown in and not to mention the several dozen bottles of German beer thrown in for good measure. Oh and don’t forget the game of cards but we’ll not go there shall we Pete ;). Woolworths would like to know when the two of you are coming back, just so that they know when to stock up the shelves!
    I really hope to come through to Sydney, and see you again before you leave for the next exciting part of your adventure!
    Love you both and keep the entries on your blog coming. It will keep us entertained and amused for months to come!!
    Take care
    Siobhannny xx
    oh and James of course!

    • Siobhan Newman says:

      By the way, you better not block this or edit it to your liking, I know you Pete Carlin!!

      • πŸ™‚

        We had a great weekend, looking forward to seeing you both again, great chilled out fun.

        James scrambled eggs are the best ever, I almost bought him a new set of crayons ha ha !! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sweetie,

      We had a good wee time too mrs… You cannae beat a good night on the swalliy with fellow Scots.
      You both take care and tell James to get that heating on!!!
      Michelle xx

  7. meera sharma says:

    Hi you two just catching up on your blog. Pete when do you find the time to write all this its really good. I had a good laugh at the bit where you were passing all these people carrying your acquired furniture . Have fun take care xxx Pat.

  8. Sheila says:

    Hi Pete and Michelle, checking your photos out and you look like you are all having a great time. When are you off to K Lumpa? it looks amazing! David is excited again as Jim is doing a small solo tour so has already booked his Liverpool tickets and is thinking where else he can go – you know him one is never enough so it is a good job you are away or he would be on the phone to you. We have David’s sixth birthday party in a couple of weeks time – football party will all his school friends. John is visiting us this bank holiday weekend, the boys have been to Anfield today to watch Liverpool V West Brom (1-0) and Jim is now on the TV! Speak to you soon. Love Sheila

  9. patricia sharma says:

    Hi you two – This is really interesting reading this keep up the good work. Take care.

    Pat xx

  10. bob todd says:

    great to see you are both loving life on the move, good blogsite you have , i will need to check it out more often, take care

  11. bob todd says:

    did you bump into my mate trom OZ, bet u forgot to look for him , lol

  12. Sheila says:

    Hi Pete and Michelle, just catching up with your travels. You seem to be having a great time, but the orangutangs didn’t look that friendly to me. Michelle I am amazed you managed to do the trek – Pete looked exhaused! Keep the updates and the photo’s coming. Love Sheila

  13. Cath & Neil says:

    Well well πŸ™‚ looks like you are both having a brilliant time! Love your new adopted children the orangutans …..same colour hair as well Pete! Just read your blog about Bible bashing Ena and the cards really funny… lots of love Cath, Neil, Christopher & Jenny XXXX

  14. Mufti Adil Fatwa says:

    Hello Michelle., Do you still remember me. we meet and get acquainted in Indonesia especially in urban desert when you stay at the inn Tintin. how are you and another friend? when you back to Indonesia again? sorry to disturb a little of your time because I just wanted to mean well. acquaintances and even though we only met briefly, hopefully we selalu remained friends through this email. reply
    Me: Mufti Adil Fatwa

  15. Adil, of course we remember you ! You were a great help to us that night, and we still talk about you. Indonesia has been so great for us – the people are just so friendly. Thanks Adil.

    Keep in touch and good luck with your studies. We are in Bali now, and plan to be in Malaysia again, but who knows, we may just miss Bungus so much we will have to return ! πŸ™‚

    Michelle & Pete xx

  16. Lyndon Bruce says:

    I’m sure i ken you twa! It’s 400 Rp a minute so i’ll make this short – You now have my email address…..see you in a couple of days. Hope it’s no raining up there, i’ve taken quite nicely to this 35 degree all day sunshine. Bye. x

  17. Lyndon Cairnie Bruce says:

    Hope your both doing well and enjoyed Singapore…..Pete, did you get a laptop? I am only wondering as i thought you would have had a new post up by now lamenting on our time together in that Indonesia place! I was hoping for a particularly sentimental piece! Let us ken how yi are! Take care, Lyndon

    PS – WTF about the Tsunami by the way! Right next to Pandang….have you heard from Lisa? I hope she’s ok! Let me know

    • New Gushy piece added mate, on my new NB305 10″ notebook that weighs about nothing πŸ™‚ We are in Melaka and loving it, no bargaining, cheap as chips, and no bloody tourists – its sweltering heat out there.

      Lisa is fine, we txt her. we got a scare though until she got back to us 😦

      What about Mount Merapi ? You know that pretty uninspiring volcanoe we saw near Yogi ?

      Michelle says hi, and she is missing the Nr 1 “Cairds” player πŸ™‚

  18. Frances and Andy Austin says:

    Hello you two, its great to see you and you both look very well. I’m not a mega travelling fan but the locations you’re going to are like a dream so I suppose that would make it worth it. Look after yourselves and a pint of good old english lager will be waiting for you when you return plus the lobster dinner I promised you. Be safe and lots of love x

    • Nice to hear from ya’s !! I’m gonna hold you that beer, but I don’t eat fish, so Michelle gets a whole one to herself – right ? take care and have a nice Xmas.


      Pete & Michelle

  19. Emma Glynn says:

    Well hello there!!!
    Me and Craig have been trying to catch up with all your travels by reading your blog! It all sounds so amazing and I am sooooo jealous whilst I am sitting writing my dissertation. How am I ever going to get a half decent mark with out you reading it uncle pete??? hahaha. Cant I just pack up uni and jump on your bandwagon?
    Glad your lovin’ it! Miss you both
    Love, Emma xoxox

  20. Lyndon says:

    What you have forgotten is tht i am the ultimate chess champion and have beated the masterful Pete. Michelle keep practicing cause i know you’ll beat him! My love to you both. Enjoy Myanmar! x

  21. Lyndon says:

    Can i just say: I thought your posts on our last days together were good mate. I am sitting listening to trance music in a Thai bar on Koh Chang and people were looking at me because i was laughing so much!! It made me think of that time in Toba where i read your draft of a blog and you watched me read the whole thing….then you said…huh, you only laughed once. Well this time i laughed heartly. Made me miss you two! Quite simply you made my time in Indonesia the best and it can never be repeated – sorry that’s gushy and i said i wouldn’t do that but i have had far too much Chang beer! Take care my good friends. hope to see ou again very soon. Lyndon x

    • We miss you. I really miss you. You get little flashbacks, I remember one night in that scary taxi trying to get back to Bungus, and we burst out into “Country Roads, “Take me Home ..

      Dirka Derka, Satu Lagi Bingtang πŸ™‚

  22. Emma!! says:


    I got your card and present! The postie didn’t try and steal it – he must no be from beachie!! haha. Thank you very much!!

    The dissertation is almost over now, only a one section left to write and then about 5000 words to cut out!! Where is your help when I need it!! haha.

    We are going to London on friday, that’s if it doesn’t snow again!! Grrr I hate the snow!
    Gran said she heard from stace and it’s roasting in Oz land – lucky her…and you!

    Glad to hear you are still having fun!!

    Love Emma xxx

  23. stacey and Mark says:

    hello its ur daughter…missing u like crazy so get intouch soon .xxxxxxxxxxlove uz

  24. Frances and Andy Austin says:

    I’m just thinking of you two as I sit here at work in the frozen north. I’ve been ill for the last 10 days so I’m feeling sorry for myself and I’m really tired after a very hard year. Anyway enough of my moaning its very boring. Wishing you two all the very best for Christmas. Hope you get lots of drinking time and the new year brings you good health and everything you wish for yourselves in the year to come. Lots of love and hope to see you soon Frances and Andy xxxx

  25. Vicky says:

    Hello you two!
    Am v impressed with all the places you have been, and some of the photos are quite stunning. And chuckling away as you meet all these new pals, is just typical of you two that when you go out even in Dundee you come home having made pals with at least two different nationalities. Am sure when you come back you will have enough stories to last a lifetime πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the postcard, think this may be the farthest we have ever received one from!
    So Merry Xmas from Charlie and I, sorry you are missing the White Christmas here. Three weeks of snow has made the festive season so much fun (not!)
    Have a great time and see you when you get back.

  26. Lorrain Ness says:

    Hi Michelle
    Good to hear from you, Glad your both still enjoying yourselves, l really enjoy your blog, have been googling all the exciting places youve been too ( sure beats working for the Council lol)
    Really pissed of with this snow now ( l should have said ice ) decked it a few times, enjoyed Christmas, Santa was really good, hope you enjoyed the festive period, looking forward to the New Year (good excuse to get pissed), All the Best for 2011, keep in touch xxxxxx

    • Weather sounds hellish…. It’s bloody roasting here but no complaints on that front. I have also decked it a few times here in Bangkok but only due to too much of the amber nectar!! Life is good. Check out Pete’s pics of BAGAN sure you will be impressed Lor.
      All the best for 2011 sweetie. Great to hear from you as always. Mx

  27. Sheila says:

    Hi Pete and Michelle, hope you are having a fabulous New Year.

    Lots of love Sheila, David and David (and bump)

  28. Lyndon Bruce says:

    Hope you guys are having a great New Year! Still miss your company and the warmth and humidity of East Asia. Take care. look forward to seeing you at some point in the future. Now when are you going to update this Blog of yours? xx

  29. stacey says:

    hey tickets are booked we leave 16th feb and get in on the 17th in Siegon ho chi mihn city.and leave on 9th of march cant wait will be seeing u guys veery shortly love ya loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. Alex & Marysia says:

    Hi you two,
    where are you right now? We are back in Germany and it’s so f******g cold here. We have got the flu and we are trying to come back into the European life style… Not really successfully, but we have no other option.
    We hope you two are still on this optimistic travel like we met you. It was a very great experience for us to see guys like you who make their dream come true in this way. While we were travelling on to Thailand, we spoke a lot about you. We really hope that we will see you in Australia and drink some beers again!
    After Vietnam we had a very fantastic time in the South of Thailand. It was very expensive but a nice vacation. We were on Koh Phi Phi Island and it was incredible.
    No culture but pretty cool nature and most likely one of the best spots in the world to get the holiday island flair πŸ™‚
    Ok we have to go out now and grab a little bit of fresh and cold air in the park.

    We wish you two all the best and good luck! Take care!
    Alex & Marysia

  31. Miss C Mills says:

    Hello our favourite 4 Buddhas from Saigon!

    Enjoying the cold? Ha ha… ha ha, ha, ha……… The beach in Hoi an is beautiful, the pretty beach traders all have the most perfect black teeth and we might even get to go back and spend a day or two before we gracefully glide over the border to meet you all in Lovely Laos.. That is of course dependent on the sun ever coming out and the temperature limping up to double figures.. brrrrrrr! Bloody brrrrr.
    Alcohol withdrawal complete!! And its happy hour in old faithful 2!! Yo guys!

  32. Lyndon Bruce says:

    Hello M and P. Just caught up on your blog there…..i too came away from Vietnam thinking it was awful, i would never choose to go back there. Seems like you have been having a braw time tho! When do you return to the UK? Indonesia seems like a VERY long time ago….now there’s somewhere i WOULD go back to – well maybe not Bali. Anyways all my love an awh that! Lyndon. xx

  33. patricia sharma says:



  34. tenispoint says:

    Hey guys, hope you are doing well, i see you are still in Asia!:) ThatΒ΄s a way too long trip for me. I think that Pete is like 100 pounds after eating rise all the time … Haha, no offence, enjoy!:) Juri – Slovakia, we met on Bali, you remeber? You gave us “fire”;)

  35. Barbara Robertson says:

    Hi Michelle andf Pete Your trip sounded amazing.

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